Another year has (almost) passed and I’ve made no progress (once again) on Teaching Machines. But I have made progress in resolving a number of personal crises – or so I hope. And I’m getting better at finding ways to support myself financially. That is, I’ve finally realized that I can make ends meet through speaking fees. Of course, traveling and speaking isn’t really conducive to working on a book. But I’m hoping that things will settle down a bit soon – after I finish my “Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2016” series – and I can really focus on completing the book.

I have a better sense now of what I want to write. It’s not going to be a history, but a critical study. I want to incorporate critical theory into a field in which such ideas are almost entirely absent.

I’m going to write a book proposal in January, ship it off to an agent, and hopefully get some forward motion finally. Soon.

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