The School of Journalism is holding its commencement ceremony this week, and even though I’m not graduating I’m going – I guess it’s worth taking part in some sort of end-of-Spencer ritual. I’ll have more to say elsewhere about “what happened” and “what’s next,” but I thought I’d quickly note here on this site that Teaching Machines did take a major leap forward in the last five months.

I now have a book proposal and a sample chapter – I sent these to an agent this morning. I am looking for representation for this book obviously but I am hoping to be able to transition from “blogger” to “book author” more completely.

If you know of a good agent (or if you are an agent) and you’re interested in what’s poised to be the best work of education technology history in the last few decades, let me know.

(I have also made plans to travel to Cambridge in a couple of weeks to visit B. F. Skinner's papers. Hopefully I will get to Patrick Suppes' archives at Stanford some time in June too.)

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