Update: Thank you to everyone who has offered to send me the PDFs of the four articles below. I still need to figure out how I will get my hands on a bunch of similarly non-digitized stuff. But for now, I have been well take-care-of.

This isn’t a “lazy web” question as much as it is an “I don’t currently have access to a research library” question. I’m looking for a handful of articles – articles whose full-text is not available online, from what I can tell – and I’m hoping that if I post the list here that copies might techno-magically show up in my email inbox:

  • Kandel, I. (1932) “The New School.” Teachers College Record. Vol. 33. p 506.
  • Snedden, D. (1930) “Ameliorating Mass-Production Processes in Education.” Teachers College Record. Vol. 32. p 338–47.
  • Wood, B. (1936) “Criteria of Individualized Education.” Teachers College Record. Vol 38. p 227.
  • Wood, B. (1931) “Mechanical Education Wanted.” Harvard Teachers Record. Vol 1. p 46–50.

(I’m actually toying with the idea of hiring a research assistant – perhaps a student at a university with a great library – to pull some more (similar) kinds of articles for me. If you are interested in some paid work of this sort, let me know. Another option, I guess, is to figure out how to get access to the USC library for a day or two. Help?)

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