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Teaching Machines: The History of Personalized Learning

Audrey Watters, (MIT Press 2021)

Teaching Machines is on several "best of" lists -- you know the kind that are frequently published at year's end. These include Librarian Shipwreck's favorite books of the year. (This means a ton as I have mad admiration for their work.) And John Warner has again plugged the book in...

"The central thesis is powerful and backed up by a breathtaking array of examples" Terry Freedman has written a review of Teaching Machines in the UK publication SchoolsWeek, giving it four out of five stars.

The NCSPE (The National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education) at Teachers College has reviewed Teaching Machines, as well as published an excerpt from the book: "readers will be glued and challenged."

I chatted with Christopher Saldaña about Teaching Machines on the NEPC Talks Education podcast. (It was a great conversation.)

I chatted with Drew Perkins from the TeachThought podcast about Teaching Machines: "Personalization and the Trouble with Teaching Machines."

Michael Horn reviewed Teaching Machines in Education Next. He tone-polices my work in the first sentence, and no surprise, he didn't like the book. The NEA Today published an interview with me about the book I gave a book talk to the Integrated Design & Media graduate colloquium at NYU....

Teaching Machines was excerpted in Edutopia: "The Eary History of Edtech" Thomas Ultican reviews the book: "Machine Teaching Requires Behaviorist Approach" And I took the Page 99 Test for the book (a project of the Campaign for the American Reader)

I was a guest on EdNews' Week in Education as well as the Karen Hunter Show. Neither host had read the book, and the discussion -- no surprise -- was not about Teaching Machines. Diane Ravitch, on the other hand, did read my book, and she calls it "brilliant."

"This is a landmark book." I am, of course, thrilled with the book review published in John Warner's "Just Visiting" column on Inside Higher Ed. I won't lie: he's one of the people who had an advance copy of the book that I was most eager to hear from. What...